tennisTOUCH can provide innovative and unique
system that covers the following:

tournament software

live scores

live draws

order of play

results of finished matches

news with photo and video galleries

live streaming

tennisTOUCH Tournament Software is highly automated software that uses mobile devices with tennisTOUCH Live Tracker app for data input.

Instead of using PDA's or Scoring Card, chair umpires can use Live Tracker with the tournament code to get the match and can use live tracker to track the matches at the same time sending live scores on the internet.

Unlike other live scoring systems, tennisTOUCH Live Tracker can also be used by others like coaches, parents, organizers, etc. if chair umpires are not present at the tournament.

Tournament organizers can use live tracker for news, photos and videos real time upload without the webmaster.

Live streaming cameras can be mounted on courts so that the matches can be streamed live with live scores on the internet.